The Road Hammers

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July 12, 2005


The Road Hammers are a five piece no-nonsense, kick-ass mix of Country, Southern Rock and Blues singing songs of maverick culture and the open road.

The band is the brainchild of Jason McCoy, the 2004 Canadian Country Music Association Male Vocalist of The Year. The idea was born out of Jason’s desire to develop a new project where he could sing a style of music which formed him as an artist, while paying tribute to the men and women who call the highways of the world their home.

Jason found kindred spirits in Alberta’s Clayton Bellamy, a rocker who grew up in a trucking family and whose rough n’ ready vocals provide the soulful fuel that kicks the Hammers into overdrive and Chris Byrne whose smooth high harmonies and solid bass lines are both the foundation and finishing touches which define the distinctive sound that is The Road Hammers.

The band has recorded a charged mix of truckin’ classics and new originals for their debut self-titled album (out on Open Road Recordings May 10, 2005). Songs like “Girl On The Billboard”, “East Bound and Down”, and Little Feat’s classic “Willin”, find a new and vibrant life along side infectious fresh tunes like “Overdrive”, “Keep On Truckin” and the autobiographical flagship anthem “I’m A Road Hammer”.

With songs that explore the universal themes of losin’, lovin ‘and livin’ –all delivered in an amazingly fierce package – this fleet of melodic mayhem will haul in music fans across the country with its appeal! This is the definitive and ultimate driving album.

CMT (Country Music Television) Canada could see the writing on the wall and approached the band early on about documenting the making of the album. Throughout 2004 a CMT crew followed the ups and downs of The Road Hammers’ journey and the coming together of this exceptional project. The footage will air in six half-hour prime time episodes starting in April 2005. The series, which The Toronto Star commented “is intriguing as it demonstrates just how far you can get with an idea and gumption,” will be rebroadcast beginning June 9 at 9pm Eastern on CMT. This documentary style reality series will not only expose you to the music, it will get you in gear for the truckin’ lifestyle.

A killer album, a revved up prime time TV series and an energetic live show, The Road Hammers get out there and work it hard. This is more than just a remarkable band – this is a musical experience. Strap yourself in and hang on; the ride is just beginning for The Road Hammers!