It Didn’t

“It Didn’t” by Madeline Merlo. (© 2020 Open Road Music Inc)

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It Didn’t (Madeline Merlo, Jeff Pardo, Jason Blaine)
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I spent 3 days crying tears on my momma’s couch

I ordered cheap Chinese so I didn’t have to leave the house

I bought some cigarettes and a new dress

the kinda things that you do when you’re low


but a little time, and a little wine

and you know that I’m good to go



ooo you know this girl’s been feeling brand new

I traded up for a penthouse view

even when that shit breaks your heart

pop that champagne at your pity party

hey I got more fight than you might think

so I’ma pour me a drink

it was what it was now it isn’t

I thought it would kill me but, it didn’t


it was the end of world till the sun came up again

I was run-in out of breath till I caught that second wind

I found a good vibe, I hit the reset

I got a new song, stuck in my head




No, it didn’t


I kissed a new guy, got a little high

the kind of things that you do when you’re low

but a little time

and I’m good to go



No, no

it didn’t

it didn’t