Hunter Brothers – El Dorado

  • Debut Single
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February 5, 2016


Hailing from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, the Hunter Brothers brings together exactly that – five incredibly talented, musically inclined brothers from the Hunter family. Flirting with the possibility of making music a full-time career since they picked up their first instruments in pre-kindergarten, this country-loving quintet will be stepping away from their combines this year to release “El Dorado,” a melody-driven song that depicts the feeling of growing up in the country with your hand out the window, cruising up and down dirt roads.

Boasting professional/junior hockey players, a seniors’ choir conductor, an aviation enthusiast and dedicated kombucha drinker, the Hunter Brothers are no strangers to the stage. However, 2016 marks the first time they’ve come together to create a collection of songs that they hope will earn them attention on country radio stations across Canada.

Slated for release on February 5, the band’s first single “El Dorado” combines the experienced production skills of Brad Rempel (High Valley), Grammy Award-winning producer Seth Mosley and Michael (X) O’Connor. Influenced by harmonies brought to life by Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town, the group of brothers is hopeful that their new album will showcase the Hunter family’s appreciation for dreaming big and working hard.