Dear Me

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Written by Madeline Merlo, Maddie Larkin, David Fanning, Abram Dean  

Hey Don’t forget you’ve got your mothers eyes
They give all of your emotions away
Don’t forget to not apologize, when it ain’t your fault anyway
Hey And a little self-sabotage 
Is natural in every way 
But don’t forget that you’re a total babe,
and everything is gonna be okay


Dear me
When you’re down you stand up taller
Don’t forget to drink your water
You’re smart as hell, you’re your father’s daughter
Oh, don’t you forget it

Dear me
We both know that you’re not flawless
That don’t mean you ain’t a goddess
If you still don’t believe you better re read
Dear me 

Don’t compare yourself to nobody else
The mirror’s not your enemy
You can make anything happen for yourself, with a little positivity

Dear me
Stop wasting so much energy, living in doubt, worrying about anxiety
How you’re gonna fit in those jeans, if you wanna fit into society


Dear me
Keep your money right
Your friends tight
Keep your head high
Be who you wanna be
Don’t forget to breathe


Dear me
Dear me
Dear me