Beautiful Freakshow

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The new album ‘Beautiful Freakshow’ from Dean Brody Available Now (October 21, 2016)

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September 21, 2016 – Following an eventful weekend at the 2016 CCMA Awards, Dean Brody is set to release his sixth album, Beautiful Freakshow, on October 21.

Thus far for Brody, 2016 has epitomized the importance of taking risks with his craft and refusing to settle for the status quo. This past weekend in London Ontario, Brody took home a total of four CCMA Awards for what has truly been a game-changing song for him, the platinum-selling, “Bring Down the House”. It won awards for Songwriter of the Year, Single of the Year, CMT Video of the Year and Top Selling Canadian Single of the Year.

During the CCMA Award broadcast, Brody performed “Time”; a relatable, country ballad about the impending nature of the ticking clock as we go on about our lives, and the second song released digitally from his forthcoming album. After only a week, the song is the #1 selling Canadian Country single (#5 overall), receiving an incredible amount of initial support online, as many fans commented on social media that they were moved to tears by his incredible performance and the lyrics to the song. Brody currently had 3 singles in the Top 50 Selling Country Singles on iTunes.

Just as the title of the album indicates, the new record, produced by Matt Rovey, is a fascinating mashup of Brody’s broad range of musical preferences, best epitomized by the title track, “Beautiful Freakshow”, which features a rap vocal contribution by Halifax native, Shevy Price. From the pop-meets-country vibe of “Bush Party” (released this summer, and the #1 Most Added Single at the time of release), to hints of other genres intertwined with traditional country, there is truly something for everyone on the album, which contains 10 tracks.